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Restoration, parts. BMW, Moto Guzzi, Indian, British. Buying vintage motorcycles and parts or anything of interest.

BMW service, especially airheads. 30 years in the motorcycle service business, 15 with BMWs.

BMWMOCM and BMW MOA Mileage Contests
11 April - 11 October

BMWMOCM Results:2015
sorted by distance and name

Top 3 mileage totals:

Darrell Penning - 31,273 miles

George Doughty - 28,736 miles

Steven Marsolek - 23,603 miles

Closest to the club average (8309 mi.)
Norine McVann 8324 miles

Club total mileage: 481,960 (up from 326,234 last year).

Thanks to Dan Elasky for conducting the sign-up/sign-outs and crunching the numbers.

Complete mileage results sorted by mileage and name:

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