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BMW Motorcycle Club of Minnesota
Roundel Riders since 1971
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2019 BMW MOA Rally Group Photo 

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BMWMOCM, BMW MOA Charter Club #49 was established in 1971 to provide an opportunity for BMW riders and enthusiasts to ride together. It provided an "excuse" to gather, exchange ideas and share experiences. The common interest is BMW motorcycles, and the club has grown to about 160 members. Memberships renew in September, but you can join any time, and dues are just $30 yearly.

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The collection of motorcycles owned ranges from classic BMW's to the latest in technology. Members own and ride sidecar rigs, Airheads, Oilheads, Wetheads, G's, F's, and K's of all colors and engine displacement. BMWMOCM has organized and unorganized rides, spur of the moment and planned "meets to eat", and members enjoy the companionship of folks with similar interests.