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Steve Says Fall Edition

Published on 9/30/2018

Two weeks ago we had the A/C running and now its 46 degrees outside. 

That’s Minnesota for you. 


Diane and I had a great time yesterday at the Flat Track Mile races held at Canterbury Park. Thank you to Dan Reese for encouraging us to attend. We saw a few club members there. This was different from what we saw at the Rose Warner Coliseum over the winter. It was on dirt and each lap was a mile. These bikes were flying down the straights and then pitching it sideways around the corners with dirt flying everywhere. 

The spectators were wearing their winter coats and many layers. Some hard core riders rode there on their motorcycles. We drove the Buick with the heater on, ha, ha. 


Earlier this month we rode the R80RT to the Wisconsin Dells Rally. It was our first time since they changed locations. I like the new place. The Wisconsin Club does a good job putting on the rally. 

I was asked, so I will mention it here too. Wisconsin has as least 4 clubs that I know of. The “Wisconsin Club” which meets in New Berlin (southeast of Milwaukee), the “Madison BMW Club”, they host the Great River Road Rally, the “Port Washington Club” (northeast of Milwaukee and southeast of Port Washington) and the Indianhead BMW Club of Wisconsin (Hudson). There maybe be a few more. I can find a RA Charter for the Badger Motorcyclists of Wisconsin but no other mention of them. Two of them host rallies. If you have never gone to one maybe 2019 is the year to check them out.


There is still about a month of what I consider riding weather left here in MN. 

Larry Jordan and I hope you will join us on a Fall Color/Lunch Ride Sunday October 7. The details are in the e-mail I sent a few days ago. 


Any Club Member can plan a ride or a Meet to Eat. If you have an idea and need help figuring out the details I’m willing to assist you. 


Large group rides can be problematic. 

Keeping everyone together for instance at intersections with stop lights. 

There can also be issues with riders of varying skill levels. A group ride can only go as fast as the slowest rider feels comfortable. Never exceed your skill level to keep up or impress anyone. Ride your own ride. 

Every rider is responsible for keeping track of where the bike in front and behind them is. If the bike behind you stops or crashes you need to notice and stop also. If everyone is paying attention this means the whole group will stop in a fairly short amount of time. No one gets left behind. 

When everything works out well, they can be a fun way to share one of your favorite routes with others (as the ride planner). to learn a new route from a fellow club member or just share a great time on a great ride with other riders. 


I’m already looking forward to the BMW MOA Rally in Lebanon TN June 13-16 2019. There are some fantastic roads in TN, KY, AR.


Remember our next Club Meeting is Thursday October 11, 6 to eat, meeting at 7, at Broadway Pizza on the River Road and our Mileage Ending event is Sunday October 14, 10-2 at the Underground Music Cafe. 


Go for a ride before it snows, 

Steve Handeland

President BMWMOCM