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Prez Sez - May 2022

Timothy Schwartz | Published on 5/19/2022

Prez Sez for April 2022
So, this Prez Sez is coming out a bit late for me to not feel a little guilty calling it April. I must confess that I truly did not understand the demands of the club presidency before assuming leadership. To which I compounded those demands with the demands of co-chairing this year’s Hiawatha rally. One of my trainers when I was a leader in Boy Scouts once said, "We look for people that spell no, K.N.O.W.!" I guess they and you found me! I have been blessed with an outstanding board and vice president along with a rally co-chair which has helped beyond words to relieve some of the stress.

Saying all that I also have come to the conclusion that it's not too late to get something done until the event happens. Which brings me to the message of today’s Prez Sez. "It's not too late." If you spell no with a "K" we need you! Want to get more involved with the club, and have some spare time? Volunteer for one of the many events we have coming up. We need people to volunteer for the open house at Moon Motorsports on May 6th and 7th. We also need a lot of volunteers for the Hiawatha rally the first weekend in June. The club is also looking for someone to coordinate the club at the national rally which takes place June 16th through the 18th.The club picnic which will take place in August will need someone to coordinate it.

That seems like a lot of opportunities for someone looking to help out. Maybe even a little overwhelming. Thinking you want to try your hand at volunteering? We have a lot of people who have done these things in the past and would be more than willing to help you out. Also, we can
offer free registration for two to the person who volunteers for the national rally coordinator (Thanks to Chuck Banks.)

If you want to volunteer for one of the
Hiawatha opportunities check out the website, click on the Hiawatha tab and the register and volunteer tab and then just click on the job and shift you want. (This also goes for subcommittee chairs as we need you to sign up as the slots are for you too.)
Want to talk to people about the club? Send an email to Beth or I and we will plan on you to man a table at Moon.

Want to coordinate the picnic? Again, let Beth or I know, so we can assist you.
You, and your willingness to step up and volunteer make this club in my humble opinion one of the best clubs not just in the Midwest but across the country! I look forward to seeing everyone volunteering for these upcoming events.


P.S. I will try and get these out on a timelier basis, so look for the next one relatively soon!