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Prez Sez - June 2023

Tim Schwartz | Published on 6/27/2023
Prez Sez
So, here we are in June and the heart of our riding season! I hope that everyone is getting out and enjoying the time we get to do what we love. 

First, I want to thank everyone involved in this club for their understanding and expressions of sympathy regarding the passing of my mother. Losing a parent is never an easy thing. Losing both in less than a year, while not uncommon, is even more devastating. The support and understanding from all of you has been a gift that I cannot thank you for enough. A special word of gratitude goes out to Joel Howard for attending my mother’s service and his words of comfort.  

Ok, now on to what you really care about…riding. I want to let everyone know about events, both past and future. I hope everyone is aware that we had our annual Hiawatha Rally the first weekend in June.  I hold this as one of the great local/state rallies. 
I also hope everyone who wished to attend this year’s BMW MOA National Rally in Doswell, VA was able to do so. While we couldn’t continue our tradition of being the largest charter club in attendance, we still had a podium finish coming in third this year. It was a good event with some unusual for Virginia but welcomed by this Yankee polar bear, weather. I guess if there is an upside to the destruction of 16 million acres of wilderness at least the smoke kept temperatures much more bearable.
Also, I ask everyone to check out our club’s event calendar for more information on upcoming events. 
As I write this, I am remembering that we have a special project in the works. Do you have a box of old Hiawatha Rally t-shirts that your S.O. won’t let you out of the house wearing or that have “shrunk” from being washed in too hot of water? Don’t know what to do with them? Well, have I got the solution for you! Bring them to either our next membership meeting or our annual picnic and donate them to Daniel Maki. His wife Penny has offered to make a very special project of them. More on that later but just know that she needs about thirty t-shirts to complete the project.
We also have a new event, a “progressive dinner.” Three members have generously agreed to host! We will be starting out meeting for coffee and donuts and then riding to the three more stops/courses. We will be ending with ice cream at a shop in Cannon Falls. The event should take most of the day. We currently have seven riders registered and need at least 10 with our max available spaces at 20. So please join us for a day of camaraderie, eating, and riding. See the club website event calendar for Saturday, 7/8 and register for the Progressive Dinner. 
As said earlier we have our annual membership picnic on August 6. Please look at the event calendar for the details.
Also, in August we have our Grand Marais campout from 8/25-8/28. Again, I ask for you to look at the event calendar to get the details.
The first weekend of October we have our Fall Color Ride. Our hotel block at Little Bluff Inn in Trempealeau, WI is completely full, but hopefully you can still find local accommodations and join the fun. 

I am sure that I am forgetting to mention multiple events, but that is a good thing in my book and shows that we are attempting to have multiple options for our multiple types of members.

Until I write again, good roads and better adventures.